Maternity Photography Package

  • comes complete with Hair & Makeup Styling by Hillary
  • 2 hour photo-shoot (destination outdoors, several options, or indoor by request per customers providing)
  • 2-4 outfit changes* HIGHLY recommend bringing extra on the day of
  • client can pick her favorite 35 images to be edited and downloaded at no additional cost.  any extra after can be edited and also downloaded for a small fee per photo so you don’t have to worry if you like all of them.
  • deposit of $100 is required to secure the shoot (24 hour cancellation notice required)



We do the same Maternity Photo Package but rather take a 3hr PRIVATE CHARTER and go out to some remote areas and sandbars to capture pictures that are truly an amazing experience. Of course family is welcome on this excursion, although keep in mind this shoot is for YOU! You can bring as many as 5 people along with you, but make sure they know to give you space for your shoot but of course at the same time we capture you enjoying yourself on the sandbar with family and friends!

Deposit of $200 is required to secure the boat and shoot day. 48 hour cancellation notice required.




FAQ- Can I have my husband and children be a part of the shoot?

ANSWER- This is a common question I receive, being that my style of photography is really about the woman and her in all of her pregnancy glory, I really try to steer clear of “traditional family maternity shoots.” HOWEVER, if we are at a location and your husband and children would like to show up at the back end of your session that is totally fine.   MEANING please do not have your kids around while we do your hair and makeup or beginning part of the shoot because it’ll really impact your focus and we want these pictures to show that you were relaxed, feeling amazing, having fun etc.

FAQ- Can I skip hair and makeup since I don’t like having that done or want to be natural?

ANSWER- Being that Captured By Hillary is a BRAND of BEAUTY & PHOTOGRAPHY   it’s truly a part of the experience that encompasses something special that most photographers don’t have. Hillary can tailor the look of your style and just turn it up a notch or several notches depending on how natural or glam you’d like to be.

FAQ- Do I have to have several outfit changes?

ANSWER- I truly recommend having more than you plan on wearing as options. With a 2 hour shoot time, there is only so many shots you can take in the same two outfits, and it really makes for some nice variety when you see your gallery of photos. If you do plan to have any family members jump in at the end of your shoot, that will take up some of your time, so keep that in mind. There won’t be room for outfit changes with anyone outside of you since it’s not a (family shoot)*



This is YOUR time to pamper yourself, embrace the GODDESS within. Don’t be afraid to be sexy, show that tummy, wear something daring you will be so happy you stepped out of your comfort zone.

  • think BIG accessories make a shoot so personal (hats, jewelry, blankets, baskets, live fruit, hammocks, anything that you’d like to creatively add!
  • the best time to shoot during your pregnancy is around 29 to 37 weeks roughly
  • bathing suits, kimonos, dresses, scarves, long skirts, beautiful gowns, summer outfits that show that figure!
  • please bring water and maybe snacks for yourself since its a 3-4 hour process! we want Mommy to be hydrated and energized
  • usually timing of the shoot will depend on when sunset is, because photos mid day are just not recommended unless we are doing it indoors. So make sure to clear your afternoon schedule on the day of booking
  • keep a little bit of cash in case there is a parking fee for you.
  • feel free to send Hillary photos of things you’ve seen that you love, any music playlist preferences