… A New Orleans born, HELL RAISING..

Wait let me start over.. Well the first part is true, I am born and raised for the MOST part in New Orleans. I’ve been in the beauty biz since the age of 16. Lets just say it started since I was a little girl, chopping every Barbie dolls hair I ever owned. Giving my neighbor a perm at the ripe old age of 12, madly watching a ‘Makeover Story’ on TLC, and ‘What Not to Wear’. Landing my first big girl job at a salon known as H2O in New Orleans, which at the time in 2004 was the place to be, housing 90 employees total. I’ve worked fashion shows, been to the Soho L’oreal studio in New York for classes from of top salon executives. I’ve worked several editorial photo shoots, had continuing education from the Oribe team, a year long extensive hair cutting training that follows more Vidal Sassoon methods,  assisted and worked alongside many veterans of the industry. I currently follow Beauty Coach education to stay on top of current trends you see a lot of today.

After living over 10 years in Louisiana, 5 months in Austin Texas. I decided it was time to make a move to Key West, a place where I found love myself. I love diversity and the ability to work with Brides one day,  seeing clients in the salon part time in Louisiana, and Key West and also having fun behind the camera! Helping to inspire other women to believe that they can put their mind to whatever it is they desire. ~ Hillary