Are you a candidate??

Hydration levels dip as we age, making it all the more critical to up skin’s hydraton levels to retain youthfulness, even increased sun exposure and forced air conditioning can trigger dehydration.  Upping your water intake is good, it’s just not enough especially before a laser resurfacing treatment.

Prepping is just as important as post care – Its simple really, if you prepare the skin, the epidermis allows the treatments to be much more effective.  The procedures are not cheap so look at as protecting your investment.

I personally use ZO skincare products such as brightenex 1.0, Ossential growth factor serum plus, and Melamin + C for six weeks along with Oclipse SPF + primer every day, but stop all but the SPF 3 days before the procedure. But your technician will customize your skincare to your needs.

I also think its imperative to perform a hydrating dermal infusion treatment immediately before. The replenishing, professional-grade proprietary formula contains AcquaCell™ Watermelon and Apple Extract Complex for a significant boost of hydration that quickly quenches dehydrated skin. Sodium Hyaluronate enhances skin hydration levels as Allantoin soothes and moisturizes.

Now that the damaged cells are removed, and your skin is healthy and hydrated your laser success is optimized!

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