Oribe at NYFW Spring/Summer 2018

Oribe’s unrivaled team of stylists created nothing short of hair envy during the NYFW Spring/Summer 2018 season. Each presentation—whether held outdoors in the elements or as a more traditional runway show—complemented the designer’s vision by using a variety of innovative techniques and carefully curated Oribe products

Hair by Kien Hoang

Chromat kept true to their aesthetic this season, creating a Spring/Summer 2018 collection inspired by the overall theme of serenity, including elements such as rocks, lava and volcanoes. To accompany the collection, Kien Hoang, Oribe Director of Training & Content, created two looks. The first, a naturally textured look where Kien and the Oribe Team enhanced each model’s curl pattern using a Marcel iron and pick comb, represented the essence of tranquility, while the second, a twisted, coiled style with braids front and center, symbolized pressure and eruption.

Get the Look (Braided):

  1. Prep hair with Foundation Mist and Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray and brush through.
  2. Flatiron hair and split into three sections.
  3. Create cornrow braids starting at the crown and moving toward the face.
  4. Section off a thin “pie-slice” on each side of the head from the crown to the hairline and add to the braid until ear level. Be sure to spray each “slice” softly with  Imperméable Anti-Humidity Spray.
  5. Continue braiding to chin level and secure.
  6. Loosen the braid and adding Thick Dry Finishing Spray for fuzzy texture.
  7. Brush the rest of hair into a mid-height ponytail directly above the occipital bone.
  8. Secure with an elastic cord and finish with  Imperméable Anti-Humidity Spray.

You can find these products at Ron King Salon Austin Tx







repost: Oribe Backstage

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