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Beauty Tricks That Every Busy Woman Should Know

So I was asked by the women at EBW how to stay looking your best on these two days of learning, networking with powerhouse thinkers of the business world. SOOOOOO since I love the idea of BRANDING and representing ourselves, our powerful, capable, confident selves I have come up with a few key things of my own that I think are staples for looking our best when we are pressed for time or want to look professional, awake and ready to conquer.

The 6 Daily Essentials

BROWS – Brows are so vital to shaping your eyes which is sometimes the first thing someone notices about you. NO ONE has PERFECT brows lets face it. Take an extra minute in your morning routine to learn how to fill in your brows to shade in sparse areas and also create form where you may lack hair growth.


BROWS how to video

EYES – You don’t have to be a guru to make up your eyes. My advice is focus on enhancing your lash line for the best impact. It stays looking clean, unlike some shadows can become melted off after a couple of hours. Shoot for a waterproof Gel Liner, and apply with a thin small angled brush, or go for even more drama and use a waterproof liquid liner.


HOW TO video on application

 CHEEKS – Such a simple concept, but so many women improperly do blush! Girls the key is to look like you ran a marathon and threw on your business clothes and threw yourself together! Don’t be afraid to blush, we NEED that color on our face. Soft peach tones I feel like go with most skin tones. Heres an example:


LIPS- Okay, here is another frequently missed essential! I will say if there is ONE thing that I personally slack on myself, it’s this one. However, the moment I see a picture of myself with makeup and no lipstick I instantly apply and try not to negative self talk at that point. So, its simple, find a color that makes you feel amazing, not what you THINK you should wear. The point is to feel confident in your skin, at the same time working on taking better care of your image and brand. I’ve chosen a few colors that I feel give a variety but make a statement as well. ESP since we are talking about keeping a simple eye.

HAIR- I’ve pulled together some simple looks, that make a big statement, weather you are low key, or like to be noticed, all of these styles are simple to achieve.

Classic- Great for fine to medium hair. Down the middle slick back bun, low pony. Trick is to use a pomade that is clear, dime sized amount to lay down fly aways and stubborn hair. Find a strong pony, grab three bobbie-pins, once you find the sweet spot with your low pony, use a tiny section of that pony tail hair to wrap around the rubber band and use your pins to secure the hair in place.


Trendy pony- Great for textured hair, use the natural body and height that you get to do an off the face low pony and follow the same technique with wrapping a section of hair around the base of the pony tail to look a little cleaner


Off the face relaxed but sexy look- This is great for hair that isn’t too fine/straight or too thick/wavy, this is for the girl who lies in the middle, apply a good root lift/gel on toweled dry hair the night before. Flip your head upside down to blow dry your root area for lift and volume. Then throw your hair up in a LOOSE bun on top of your head. Next morning re-wet the front area and use a bit of water and more gel together and re apply around your face to tame any crazy hairs and tuck it behind your ears and roll. Its simple, off your face, and screams confidence. NOTE: **Paired well with a bold lip.**


Big hair- Anyone can use this technique, invest in some good medium to small sized velcro rollers and on the day of wash and then dry your hair basically upside down. Take small sections no bigger than the size of the roller and set your hair. Pin them at the base of where the roller and the scalp meets with “pin curl clips”. Any beauty supply store has them, 1 hour later, my friend you are ready to go.


Unknown-3Tammy Napoli Smith 


SKIN- On the 6 Essential, I’ve seeked counsel from my personal skin care Advisor and skin expert Tammy Napoli Smith. Because with a good and proper skin care routine we are able to ensure that we look well kept, fresh, healthy and confident.

AM –

Wash with a gentle cleanser and tone. Apply a lightweight lotion to protect and repair with antioxidant and supports skins natural mechanism. SPF highly advanced broad spectrum UVA/UVB and protects against HEV Light.


“I like a gentle yet foaming scrub to not only mildly exfoliate but also get all the makeup off.” 

Toner to balance and allow the products following to penetrate the skin as needed. Tammy says “Washing the skin doesn’t actually prepare the skin for what products you are applying next.” Retinol product and correcting creme all in one to brighten skin, help prevent future damage with antioxidant protection to help support the repair of skin. 

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